• Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

IPS provides a wide suite of merchant services through various partners. Let us know your needs, and we’ll help you come up with a cost-effective solution tailored for your situation.

  • Retail. From restaurants to auto shops, we can handle almost any card-swipe environments, including integration with many POS and cash drawer systems.
  • Mail-order/Telephone-order (MOTO). Don’t deal with customers face-to-face? No problem! We can help you process credit cards in a back office environment efficiently, with minimal fees and advanced fraud prevention.
  • Internet E-commerce. Whether you are currently using a shopping cart or gateway, or building an e-commerce platform for the first time, our partners can integrate into your system for seamless payment processing.
  • Mobile Payments. On the go? We can help. We can provide you with handheld mobile devices, wireless machines, and more.
  • Recurring Billing/Payments. We can help you with monthly donations, quarterly billing, or annual fees for your customers. Experience the ease and time savings of automated billing!
  • “E-check” ACH processing. Don’t stop with credit cards, offer ACH drafts from your customers’ bank accounts for even lower-cost payment processing.
  • Gift and Loyalty Cards. Build customer loyalty and boost sales with gift and loyalty cards.
  • Custom Solutions. Have an enterprise-level project you need a custom programming solution for? Need help building the website portion of your e-commerce? Contact us, and we can find the right partner for your project.